Monday, January 5, 2009

Ping....a lightbulb!

You know, whenever there's a really cool invention, you can be sure that news will travel fast.... I mean like the satellites would scarcely be able to blink and it would have come and gone to the next continent. But here in SA (or maybe it's the whole of Africa), when it comes to a state or government institution, they would probably not have heard of it and DEFINITELY not have implemented it yet, even if it were for sale on E-bay already (if you could sell a concept like credit card payments on E-bay).

Yes, that's it - a credit card payment - and our Municipality hasn't heard of it yet, or maybe they have but they definitely haven't implemented it yet. Or they somehow think it's less safe than a cheque - what century are you guys living in? Oh my word - it's really the most convenient thing since sliced bread (I know, what a cliche - but have you ever tried to slice bread with a knife?) But no - cash or cheque only! Did you know that they set up temporary credit card facilities at the Stellenberg Christmas Market (and I'm sure many other places) every year for a three week period? I'm sure if they can do it for a three week period at a small out-of-the-way location, they could definitely do it permanently at the Municipal Buildings - would you like me to phone ABSA or Nedbank for you? Not a problem, just let me know when there'll be someone in the building and I'll organise it.

Oh, there is another option (it says so on the wall of the Municipal Building)- for your convenience nogal - phone this 0860-number and we'll give you a number (code) and then you can pay online...(What was that? Online? I think there's a dim light at the end of the tunnel....) So I phone the number and a friendly lady says " of our operators will be with you shortly""Sorry, all our operators seem to be busy right now, we will attend to you shortly""We seem to be experiencing a heavy call load right now"

So, I concluded that the single operator on duty was on lunch. And that light at the end of the tunnel - probably a candle. I hope they remember to blow it out when they leave...

(I must say that the staff were very friendly and helpful - thank you! Just need to get a zip-zip swiping credit card machine thingy and you're all set...)

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