Sunday, December 28, 2008

life's little mysteries...

How is it that when there is something that you really want / need / desire (not something outrageous, just something normal), that you find yourself SURROUNDED by it? But you are denied that very thing (for the present, however long the present will endure...) for some unknown reason. I suppose that one would eventually (after a period of time) get perspective and see that other people might have the very thing you want but not everything that they want / need / desire. Life is weird, in that way.
Maybe I have it backward. Maybe we just want the wrong things at the wrong times. Maybe the desire for something is greater because it is not an attainable reality in the near future (like immediately!). Who knows what the depths of the human psyche would reveal if we could probe it...
I think perspective is underrated. And perception, but that's another discussion. The value of perspective is only realized when we get it (like "ah, I get it!") and usually we needed perspective way before that moment. I think a rule of thumb is to take a step back, remove yourself from the situation (in your mind), compare to other situations / people less favorable than your current one, and then make a calculated decision on how to react and feel about your situation. And then to remind yourself of that!

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